Gunnlaugur Stefan Baldursson

Gunnlaugur Stefan Baldursson was born and grew up in Iceland.
He graduated from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 1985 as independent architect in Siegen, Cologne and Reykjavik. The key elements of his work are the influence of his Nordic origins and the clear style of the “Egon Eiermann school” of Karlsruhe University. The development of the architectural concepts comes from the “genius loci” and the requirements of the clients.

Numerous projects from a wide range of prize-winning competition successes have been realized:

University of Siegen
Mubea Attendorn Headquarters, Technology Centre and Steel Factory.
ADAC, Köln:
German Automobile Club Headquarters, Cologne. In association with Mronz.
Martinushöfe, Olpe:
Inner city building complex. Including offices, shops, apartments and doctor's surgeries.
Main Fire Station, Dresden:
In association with k-plan.

Prize-winning International Competition Entries including:
German Embassy, Warsaw.
Daimler Chrysler AG, Cologne.
Iceland Academy of Arts, Reykjavik.